Why Derby Time

I grew up reading everything on the suddenlaunch We-Crash site. During college, I would stay up late reading on my laptop and my girlfriend (now wife) used to call it Derby-porn. To me that was the golden era of We-Crash. Since then it changed hands, had a different weird host site, and then moved to pro-boards. Activity dropped off and site has never felt the same. There is lots of activity on Facebook, but those posts seem to get lost into oblivion and forgotten about in a short order. This site, to me, is a place to document projects and diy derby and automotive knowledge, and if you and others find them useful or entertaining then all the better. Thank you for your interest and God Bless. -Jacob

And as for me

I have been building limited weld and modified class demo cars with my brothers and our Dad since 2008. I earned a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from KSU in 2014, and have been a project manager for a mechanical company since then. I do not espouse to be the most accomplished, or be the biggest expert on anything in particular. Instead, I am always trying to learn about a whole host of subjects including tools, fabrication, automotive performance and repair, engine theory, home DIY, as well as personal development, finance, fitness, and whatever else may pique my interest at any moment.

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